About Chris

Chris Fargiano, a co-founder of Envisa, has been leading Envisa’s strategic direction and working to produce successful, high-impact outcomes for our clients since the company’s inception. By dividing his efforts between growing the capabilities of the Envisa team and supporting the needs of our clients, Chris seeks to align the evolution of Envisa with the constantly changing demands of the e-business marketplace, and to ensure that our firm continues to deliver on its mission to make world-class consulting services available to any organization with a strong desire to excel and an abiding commitment to self-improvement.

Before founding Envisa, Chris held various positions in the technology and business consulting industry, most recently with Accenture. He received his B.A. in Bio-Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University.

Chris’s pride in Envisa’s exceptional track record is surpassed only by the immense pride and deep satisfaction he experiences when spending time with his family. He and Amanda can regularly be found on the sidelines or in the audience cheering the athletic and musical exploits of their sons Ben and Tim, or enjoying the company and fellowship of a cherished circle of extended family and friends.

Professional Highlights

Long before the terms “User Experience Design” and “Usability” entered common industry parlance, Chris was a passionate advocate of the importance of understanding and placing the needs, goals and behaviors of target users at the center of the software/system design process. A frequent attendee of early industry conferences and a proponent of visionaries such as Jakob Nielsen, Alan Cooper and Donald Norman, Chris is delighted to see the growing emphasis that is now being placed on the adoption of user-centered design practices and on the objective, empirical testing and iterative refinement of technology-based solutions throughout the product development lifecycle.
Chris counts Envisa’s work helping to launch startups and to spawn innovative new ventures within existing organizations among the most interesting, challenging and rewarding initiatives in which he has been involved. While at Accenture, Chris had the good fortune to participate in a highly-ambitious and forward-thinking program that anticipated the eventual rise of the Internet-enabled “software/platform as a service” model that has become such an integral part of the modern business landscape. This experience fostered Chris’s interest in the nexus between emerging technology and business transformation, and offered a unique window into both the promise and peril of attempting to create new ventures. This fascination with startups and with the talented, passionate people who fuel them has led to Envisa’s involvement in the early stages of more than a dozen new ventures, and has inspired Chris to continually seek opportunities to harness the skills, capabilities and experience of the Envisa team in pursuing the vision of gifted, creative entrepreneurs.

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