About Jeff

Jeff Mathot, a co-founder of Envisa, has helped to define, market and deliver Envisa’s services to a wide range of clients in the online and multi-channel retail arena. Jeff has led a broad array of engagements as a program manager, systems analyst, solutions developer, and data architect, and he has cultivated a deep expertise in the effective use of business intelligence, data warehousing and custom analytics solutions to drive critical decision-making and optimize business performance.

Prior to founding Envisa, Jeff worked as technology and process consultant for Accenture. He received his B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from the University of Dayton.

Professional Highlights

Jeff has focused most of his career working with clients to provide better insight into their businesses through effective and practical business intelligence solutions. The key to a successful business intelligence initiative is recognizing this it is not an IT project, but rather a business process improvement project. The days of expensive, multi-year IT data warehouse projects are gone. Jeff strives to design and develop targeted, cost-effective solutions that will provide real benefit to the business in only a few months. If your team is drowning in data, is spending too much time aggregating and reconciling information from different sources, or feels that it can’t make effective business decisions because current systems are holding your data hostage, you are not alone—and we can help.
Jeff spent the first five years of his career at a leading international consulting company, working on very large, complex projects that often included dozens of inexperienced consultants and multiple layers of project management. At Envisa, we have replaced the cost and inefficiency of the traditional “army of consultants” with a focused, highly experienced, and deeply talented team that can swiftly and cost-effectively solve complex business and IT problems. Our clients don’t benefit from having a bunch of overpriced consultants running around their office; instead, they often need a few experienced leaders that can both manage the project and do the most critical work. Jeff is proud of the fact that at Envisa, this is exactly what we offer, and for more than 16 years our clients have continued to rely on us to help tackle their most challenging projects.
Today, many of our clients are struggling with the demands of the omnichannel customer. While this challenge is certainly multi-faceted, Jeff has been working with our clients to build Customer Analytics solutions to help answer their two most important questions: Who are my customers?, and, How can we best meet their needs? Jeff enjoys developing data-rich customer profiles that reveal how customers prefer to interact with client companies, where and when they buy, what they buy, and what motivates them to buy. By integrating customer profile data with other systems, Envisa can enable segmented email campaigns, drive marketing automation, and effectively personalize the customer experience, increasing sales and strengthening brand loyalty.

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