About Mike

Michael Tidd, a technology consultant, joined the Envisa team in 2011 and has coordinated and implemented user experience initiatives for our clients. By leveraging wireframing and prototyping, Michael helps clients “see and feel” their new websites and applications, often gaining key insights prior to the development cycle. Working off those insights discovered during the design process, Michael leverages modern web technologies to provide clients with innovative app-like experiences when selling their products.

Michael graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Computer Science. Prior to Envisa, Michael focused on API based implementations leveraging information and content from sources such as google and facebook. In his free time, Michael enjoys hiking and running, often developing micro apps to support his hobbies. He also enjoys mentoring his high school’s FIRST robotics team, giving back to a program that was a key inspiration in his choice of a career path.

Professional Highlights

When discussing software projects it is often helpful to draw from analogous processes in the physical world. Thinking of a site as a house often helps to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital. There may be an existing structure in place or simply a plot of land. You may have conceptual drawings or reference buildings you would like to pull from. You have requirements for the space and a budget available to meet those requirements. These constraints should be properly understood to ensure the project delivers the functionality within the budget. Mike enjoys using advanced modeling and prototyping techniques to ensure client solutions are designed for success from the very start of the project.

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