About Patrick

Patrick graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Management.  He applies his deep knowledge of, and passion for, all things technical by ensuring our client solutions provide low cost of ownership, good response time, reliable security and platform flexibility.

Professional Highlights

When most people look at a server in a data center, they see a box. When a skilled information technologist looks at the same server, they are aware of a multitude of interacting interdependent hardware and software subsystems that span the entire stack from the AC line voltage coming into the power supply all the way up to the user interfaces of the running applications. Patrick aspires to know everything he practically can about the operation of the systems he is responsible for building and maintaining.
Having been given his first computer, a TRS-80 with 128 K of RAM, at the age of five, Patrick was drawn to the power and immediacy of the command line very early on. Regardless of whether it is AWK, BASH, PERL, PHP, PowerShell, or something else, there is (or will be) a script for that.

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