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Due to declining trends in newspaper circulation, CVS determined the online Weekly Ad experience was becoming increasingly central to its marketing efforts.  They launched an initiative to improve the online customer experience and extend the interactive Weekly Ad to all digital platforms including PC, tablet and smartphone. Their aim was to launch a responsive, fully-integrated Weekly Ad with emphasis on a personal layout of offers based on customer purchase history and site behavior.

The Envisa Solution

Envisa aided in the design of CVS’s first responsive digital solution with an iterative process to flush out the challenges associated with responsive design.  In addition, Envisa was instrumental in the data modeling required to merge data and content across multiple CVS systems.

The Results

Simplified the Consumer Experience

Provided customers with personalized Weekly Ad experience by integrating data and content from the ExtraCare system, the weekly circular system and the store information system

Unified Experience Across Platforms

Delivered a digital promotion solution with a unified and consistent user experience across the desktop, tablet and mobile platforms

Built Flexible Technical Architecture for Growth

Developed a foundation to expand promotional offerings with effective, targeted marketing

Vivaterra.com Relaunch https://www.envisa.com/index.php/portfolio-items/vivaterra-com-relaunch/ Wed, 11 May 2016 15:32:41 +0000 https://www.envisa.com/?post_type=avada_portfolio&p=15392

Vivaterra markets high quality products to discerning customers, and they wanted their online customer experience to match the quality of the products they offer. To that end, Vivaterra turned to Envisa to help identify and implement a new e-commerce platform to provide merchandise and marketing teams with new tools to improve online customer experience and increase sales.

The Envisa Solution

Envisa successfully designed, developed, implemented and relaunched Vivaterra.com on the Magento Enterprise platformto deliver a superior customer experience with every visit. Working with Vivaterra’s design team, Envisa migrated from their old e-commerce platform to Magento Enterprise. Envisa implemented dozens of custom extensions that were not supported by the platform or community at the time and integrated the solution with their 3rd party warehouse fulfillment center using a custom Java-based API architecture.

The Results

Seamless Integration

Envisa integrated new e-commerce platform with the 3rd Party fulfillment center, and linked several 3rd party platforms into the new architecture including, Litle Payment Processor (Vantiv), PowerReviews, MyBuys, CommissionJunction, Bronto and Amazon.

Better Shopping Experience

The new Vivaterra.com design addressed several facets of the online shopping experience to deliver an improved customer experience and an easier-to-use interface.

Improved Marketing Results

With the new tools provided to both Merchandising and Marketing, the Vivaterra.com relaunch enabled more efficient target marketing campaigns with improved results.

SmartBargains Launches Custom Merchandising https://www.envisa.com/index.php/portfolio-items/smartbargains-custom-merchandising-application/ Tue, 03 May 2016 15:10:31 +0000 https://www.envisa.com/?post_type=avada_portfolio&p=15086

Since its launch in late 2000, SmartBargains has steadily attracted a legion of loyal bargain hunters. During the period of rapid growth, two key objectives emerged for the SmartBargains merchandising and planning teams: ƒ

  • Create a more efficient means of collecting, reporting and analyzing critical business information ƒ
  • Greatly streamline the purchase order process


The Envisa Solution

To meet these challenges and sustain the company’s earlier success, SmartBargains teamed with Envisa to design, architect and implement two new systems to dramatically improve the company’s business intelligence capabilities and to simplify the handling of purchase orders.

The Results

Reduced Time to Create Purchase Orders

By dramatically reducing the time required to create a purchase order, the Envisa solution allowed buyers to focus more on critical research activities and made the buying process more efficient.

Delivered Real-Time Market and Trend Data

With the custom merchandise management application, planners can now approve purchase orders in real-time and can access essential information about market trends, product demand, and profitability to enhance forecasts.

Improved Operational Efficiencies

With the Envisa solution, purchasing is now seamlessly integrated with both the financial package and online content management system reducing errors and greatly improving operational efficiencies.

Rentgrow Develops Online Residential Screening Solution https://www.envisa.com/index.php/portfolio-items/rentgrow-develops-online-residential-screening-solution/ Mon, 02 May 2016 19:40:58 +0000 https://www.envisa.com/?post_type=avada_portfolio&p=15070

Yardi Resident Screening, formerly RentGrow, is a proven online tenant screening system that offers comprehensive renter background checks and credit reports so large property managers can make smart rental decisions and reduce loss from collections, evictions, and legal action. Rentgrow determined there was a void in the small landlord and independent rental owners market for tenant screening and so they turned to Envisa to develop a new online solution called Screeningworks.

The Envisa Solution

Envisa led the design and development of a custom eCommerce solution that enabled new landlords to quickly register with ScreeningWorks and then perform comprehensive online tenant screening.

The Results

Launched New Business Targeting Small Landlord

Envisa’s Residential Screening Solution enabled Rentgrow to launch a new business venture aimed at a new customer base: the small landlord.  The solution included implementation of Experian Precise ID for Identify verification and authentication for all new landlords signing up for the service.

Leveraged Existing Screening Tools to Maximize ROI

Leveraged Rentgrow’s existing backend systems that process background, eviction and credit checks by developing new, seamless interfaces for ScreeningWorks.

Delivered Fully-Integrated Tenant Profiles

Envisa developed a single, easy to read tenant report to aggregate information from Rentgrow’s backend systems to provide a single, comprehensive tenant profile to landlords.

A.T. Cross Goes Global https://www.envisa.com/index.php/portfolio-items/a-t-cross-goes-global/ Sun, 01 May 2016 02:00:58 +0000 https://www.envisa.com/?post_type=avada_portfolio&p=15156

A.T. Cross called on Envisa to architect, design and implement an internationalized site based on an existing US-only e-commerce solution.  The goals was to enable Cross to provision and operate localized e-commerce solutions—that differ in product mix, pricing, language, currency, promotions, etc.—in target markets across Europe, North America, and Asia based on a central global platform.

The Envisa Solution

Envisa was responsible for consolidating two discrete, separately maintained and supported e-commerce assets [one in the US, one in Europe] into a single, centrally maintained solution.

The Results

Strong Global Brand with Consistent Presence

The Cross globalization project provided a common user experience and brand presentation across all target markets thereby solidifying the global brand and improving Cross’s market presence.

Improved Overall Growth and Reach of Business

The Envisa globalization solution leveraged robust product data, creative assets, and marketing content across all supported locales and enabled rapid, low-cost expansion into new markets to drive the overall growth and reach of the business.

More Efficient Use of Marketing Tools

The new Cross global platform provided a balance of the flexibility needed to optimally service local markets with the efficiency afforded by allowing for centralized management of core/common information.  It also enabled investments in new end-user capabilities, infrastructure, and technology to be leveraged across multiple regions/markets.

Stoneside Redefines Custom Window Treatment Business https://www.envisa.com/index.php/portfolio-items/stoneside-redefines-custom-window-treatment-industry/ Fri, 04 Mar 2016 01:08:15 +0000 https://www.envisa.com/?post_type=avada_portfolio&p=14476

How do you launch a custom window treatment company that outpaces its competitors with premium quality products and unparalleled customer service?

If you’re Stoneside, you redefine the industry with 100% vertical integration from designer to installer, and you power it with tablet-based custom configuration tools from Envisa that seamlessly connect from customer to designer to manufacturer to installer.

The Envisa Solution

Envisa’s configurator solution provides dynamic visualization of selected product options and is supported by a rules-based engine to limit downstream choices as options are selected.  Dynamic pricing, product availability, and estimated delivery timeframes are core features, as well as full integration with a complex network of systems to support ERP, phone support, installation, and bidding.

The Results

Dynamic Visualization of Custom Designs

Stoneside was able to launch a custom window treatment business that allows the designer and customer to work together in the customer’s home to build unique window covering solutions meeting exact specifications for style, size, color, fabric, hardware and accents.

Real-Time Pricing and Availability

The solution reduced costs and increased productivity by allowing customers to browse product possibilities before meeting with designers, providing designers the ability to place orders while in customers’ homes, enabling customer service to track order status and progress and integrating with installers for better communication and smoother installation.

Full Integration with Downstream Systems

Stoneside was able to decrease fulfillment time and manufacturing errors by generating a complete and accurate bill of materials and work instructions directly from the configurator tool, which uses rules-based logic to ensure manufacturability of designs.