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For any organization, digital security poses an important and ongoing challenge.  For online retailers receiving and processing payments for consumers all over the globe every minute of every day, digital security is an absolute necessity.  Over the years, many of our clients have turned to us to address specific security vulnerabilities, perform security audits, and monitor and improve overall security as a good business practice.

The Envisa Solution

The Envisa services performed for our clients have ranged from addressing specific, immediate concerns to performing periodic audits and making ongoing improvements. We take security seriously, and work diligently to ensure that our clients are always well-protected.

The Results

Resolved Security Breaches to Legacy Systems

Envisa has assisted a number of organizations with identifying and assessing the impact of security breaches to legacy web solutions, as well as determining the steps required to swiftly recover from these attacks and restore normal business operations.  We have also led initiatives to thoroughly identify key vulnerabilities in existing web sites, and to undertake the remediation necessary to safeguard these sites from future exploits

Proactively Identified and Addressed Vulnerabilities

As part of our ongoing client support, Envisa has performed security audits of public-facing network architectures and internal technical environments, and spearheaded programs to systematically eliminate weaknesses and ensure the safety and integrity of critical data and technical assets.

Utilized Advanced Online Tools for Improved Security

To provide the best protection for our online retail clients, Envisa regularly integrates advanced online payment security capabilities—such as 3-D Secure, payment card data tokenization, and sophisticated rules-based fraud screening—into client solutions.

Rentgrow Develops Online Residential Screening Solution Mon, 02 May 2016 19:40:58 +0000

Yardi Resident Screening, formerly RentGrow, is a proven online tenant screening system that offers comprehensive renter background checks and credit reports so large property managers can make smart rental decisions and reduce loss from collections, evictions, and legal action. Rentgrow determined there was a void in the small landlord and independent rental owners market for tenant screening and so they turned to Envisa to develop a new online solution called Screeningworks.

The Envisa Solution

Envisa led the design and development of a custom eCommerce solution that enabled new landlords to quickly register with ScreeningWorks and then perform comprehensive online tenant screening.

The Results

Launched New Business Targeting Small Landlord

Envisa’s Residential Screening Solution enabled Rentgrow to launch a new business venture aimed at a new customer base: the small landlord.  The solution included implementation of Experian Precise ID for Identify verification and authentication for all new landlords signing up for the service.

Leveraged Existing Screening Tools to Maximize ROI

Leveraged Rentgrow’s existing backend systems that process background, eviction and credit checks by developing new, seamless interfaces for ScreeningWorks.

Delivered Fully-Integrated Tenant Profiles

Envisa developed a single, easy to read tenant report to aggregate information from Rentgrow’s backend systems to provide a single, comprehensive tenant profile to landlords.