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Due to declining trends in newspaper circulation, CVS determined the online Weekly Ad experience was becoming increasingly central to its marketing efforts.  They launched an initiative to improve the online customer experience and extend the interactive Weekly Ad to all digital platforms including PC, tablet and smartphone. Their aim was to launch a responsive, fully-integrated Weekly Ad with emphasis on a personal layout of offers based on customer purchase history and site behavior.

The Envisa Solution

Envisa aided in the design of CVS’s first responsive digital solution with an iterative process to flush out the challenges associated with responsive design.  In addition, Envisa was instrumental in the data modeling required to merge data and content across multiple CVS systems.

The Results

Simplified the Consumer Experience

Provided customers with personalized Weekly Ad experience by integrating data and content from the ExtraCare system, the weekly circular system and the store information system

Unified Experience Across Platforms

Delivered a digital promotion solution with a unified and consistent user experience across the desktop, tablet and mobile platforms

Built Flexible Technical Architecture for Growth

Developed a foundation to expand promotional offerings with effective, targeted marketing

Kohler Enables Custom Kitchen Designs Thu, 05 May 2016 15:30:24 +0000

When Kohler wanted to redefine how customers approach kitchen renovations, they called on Envisa to create a configuration tool to allow prospective customers to plan their kitchen design including sink, faucet, countertop, wall color, and cabinet selections.  The initial project was deployed as an iPad-compatible solution for designers at the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.

The Envisa Solution

Envisa designed and developed an iPad-optimized custom configuration tool that served as a centerpiece for the tradeshow showcase of Kohler products and possibilities. The architecture allowed a limitless number of unique scenes to be visualized while integrating with Kohler’s web store backend systems. See the Kohler Kitchen Planner in action.

The Results

Dynamic Visualization of Custom Designs

The Envisa configurator solution provided a key asset to differentiate Kohler’s kitchen website from those of its competitors by allowing customers to envision endless possibilities with Kohler suite of products.


Full Back-End Integration for Seamless Data Management

The Kitchen Planner configurator requires minimal maintenance by product managers because all of the data is managed by the web store backend, thereby minimizing the overall cost of ownership.

Flexible Technical Architecture

The Kohler Kitchen Configurator solution optimized the ROI with a flexible, lightweight architecture that can be deployed on any of Kohler’s servers, and a configurator platform that can be used by other business lines in the future.