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Since its launch in late 2000, SmartBargains has steadily attracted a legion of loyal bargain hunters. During the period of rapid growth, two key objectives emerged for the SmartBargains merchandising and planning teams: ƒ

  • Create a more efficient means of collecting, reporting and analyzing critical business information ƒ
  • Greatly streamline the purchase order process


The Envisa Solution

To meet these challenges and sustain the company’s earlier success, SmartBargains teamed with Envisa to design, architect and implement two new systems to dramatically improve the company’s business intelligence capabilities and to simplify the handling of purchase orders.

The Results

Reduced Time to Create Purchase Orders

By dramatically reducing the time required to create a purchase order, the Envisa solution allowed buyers to focus more on critical research activities and made the buying process more efficient.

Delivered Real-Time Market and Trend Data

With the custom merchandise management application, planners can now approve purchase orders in real-time and can access essential information about market trends, product demand, and profitability to enhance forecasts.

Improved Operational Efficiencies

With the Envisa solution, purchasing is now seamlessly integrated with both the financial package and online content management system reducing errors and greatly improving operational efficiencies.

Soundbite Measures Campaign Performance Mon, 04 Apr 2016 19:16:40 +0000

Soundbite (now Genesys) provides on-demand, multi-channel customer communication tools using voice, text, dialer, web and e-mail technologies.  To support their growing business which was generating billions of transactions annually, Soundbite asked Envisa to build a flexible information management solution that would allow them to assess customer campaign effectiveness and better support their clients.

The Envisa Solution

After gathering data from dozens of Soundbite employees, Envisa worked in conjunction with Soundbite data architects to develop a data strategy and data design to leverage existing in-house technologies to provide flexible business analysis tools.

The solution included:

  • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS 2005) using Oracle as the backend database
  • Several OLAP cubes and metrics designed to quickly analyze campaign performance
  • Several Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports using the data warehouse and OLAP cubes
  • Training to enable ongoing, internal system support

The Results

Efficient, Effective Approach to Solution Development

To manage project costs, the Envisa solution leveraged existing in-house technologies with an Oracle database on the back-end and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).

Clear and Timely Analysis of Campaign Effectiveness

Using OLAP cubes and metrics specifically designed for the Professional Services group, Envisa delivered several OLAP tools and metrics targeting quick analysis of campaign performance.  In addition, several Key Performance Indicator reports were developed for the organization.

Easy to Maintain Solution with Low Cost of Ownership

Envisa completely transitioned these easy-to-manage business analytics tools to in-house Soundbite business analysts for ongoing maintenance and support.